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Get Rewarded for Being a Loyal Customer!

When you register for an account and become a SX Member, you can start earning REWARD POINTS when you make purchases.

You can use these REWARD POINTS like money towards future purchases! We’ll bascially give you money for spending money!


Here's How to Get Started & Earn Reward Points


Create an Account

To begin collecting reward points, you need to have an SX Member Account. You can register for an account when you check out. Or you can follow the link below.


Make a Purchase

Browse our site for our selection of magic mushroom products. Add products to the cart.  Make sure you are logged into your account and checkout.


Earn Points!

Once you’ve paid for your order, you’ve earned your reward points! For every $1 you spend you earn 1 reward point. This excludes taxes and shipping.

Redeem Your Reward Points

When you check out on future purchases, you’ll have the option to use your points to discount the price of your purchase! Just like using money. How much are your points worth? Check out the conversion below.

20 Reward Points = $1

100 Reward Points = $5

1000 Reward Points = $50

Ready to start earning Reward Points?

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